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About Pottstown

The Hill School is located in the Borough of Pottstown, Pennsylvania. Built 100 years after the town was formed, The Hill School is one of the most established entities in Pottstown.  The Hill School has a long-standing relationship with the community, including the Tricounty Area Chamber of Commerce. Volunteer opportunities for students also are available through many local organizations.
Rich in history and culture, Pottstown offers students, residents, faculty, and visitors a variety of opportunities for dining, entertainment, shopping, and recreation. With unique stores and a growing variety of distinctive restaurants, downtown Pottstown is experiencing a renaissance. To learn more about the revitalization efforts in downtown Pottstown, please visit the Pottstown Downtown Improvement District Authority's website.
 Convenient to two major Pennsylvania cities, Pottstown is located less than an hour from Philadelphia and 30 minutes from Reading. New York City and Baltimore, Md. are two hours away from Pottstown by car or bus.

History of Pottstown

Built upon the foundation of the booming iron and steel industry, Pottstown was a plentiful resource for iron ore and charcoal. Established in 1752 by John Potts, the first building constructed in the town was his home, Pottsgrove Manor, one of the finest mansions of that time. When planning the town, Potts followed the same right angle design as the city of Philadelphia.

Unique to the town, all streets were named after royalty in England, including King Street and High Street (Main Street). In the 19th century, the town was a major railroad link between Philadelphia and Reading, creating a large growth in the population and economy. Learn more about the history of Pottstown.

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