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The Hill School Accreditation for Growth

The Hill School is accredited by the Middle States Association of Schools and Colleges (MSA) under an accreditation protocol known as Accreditation for Growth, or AFG. The Hill was one of the first schools invited to use the AFG protocol, an approach to accreditation that focuses on identifying areas in which a school would like to see growth in student performance.

In the last round of reaccreditation, the faculty of the The Hill School identified two areas of student performance on which to focus during the seven-year accreditation period. The first is academic excellence, as measured by performance on nationally-recognized exams such as the Advanced Placement tests and the SAT Subject Tests. The second is community involvement, which covers a range of topics from participation in on-campus activities to involvement in community service. Continued pursuit of these objectives will be a primary focus of the School during the seven-year accreditation term, and progress towards the School’s goals will be reported annually to faculty, parents, and the Board of Trustees.

As part of the school’s reaccreditation work in 2010, the faculty was asked for the first time to write a Profile of Graduates. As MSA describes it, a Profile of Graduates serves to “translate the identity, vision, and values expressed in the beliefs and mission into statements that describe student outcomes.” Using the mission statement as a guide, the faculty of The Hill School wrote the following Profile of Graduates, which serves as a reminder of what the School strives to achieve for each of students during their time here.

Graduates of The Hill School will stand equipped and ready to succeed, and even excel, first in their college work and then beyond it. Specifically, a graduate of The Hill School will:

1. Have faced and overcome challenges in the classroom, on the athletics field, on the stage, in the studio, and in the community, learning the value of hard work and perseverance in the process.

2. Communicate ideas with clarity and maturity.

3. Make responsible decisions in accessing and using information as a global community.

4. Act with honor and integrity, having internalized the motto, “Our word is an expression of the strength of our character.”

5. Respect tradition, both for the values in which it is rooted and for the benchmark it provides for assessing our own actions.

6. Have spent at least one year living in a close-knit yet diverse community, thereby learning the value of communication, respect, and understanding.

7. Interact comfortably with adults and peers in both professional and social situations.

8. Possess the awareness and understanding that can come only from the selfless act of service.

9. Remain aware of the complex issues involved when people from diverse cultures and backgrounds interact in today's global society.

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