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Admissions at The Hill School

The Hill School Admission Office Welcomes You!

The Hill School Admission Office Staff 

Welcome to The Hill School! By visiting our website, you have taken the first step in this exciting process of looking for a new educational experience. The Hill is one of the great independent schools in the world and we are excited that you have decided to explore the possibility of joining the “Family Boarding School.” Request admission information here
An exceptionally close learning community, The Hill is equally caring as it is challenging. It is hard to find these characteristics aligned in the independent school world, and we do this very well. We are blessed to have a student community that is talented, innovative, thoughtful, and friendly. If you are a motivated, high-achieving student who  is interested in extracurricular activities and being part of a distinctive academic community, The Hill School could be a great match for you.

We invite you and your family to come for a visit and experience this community for yourself! Meeting the students and faculty will give you a sense of what has made this place so special for the last 164 years. When you visit our campus, you will get a better sense of how we feel different than most schools; we feel like “home." Learn more by viewing our Admission videos below.

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