The Hill School- The Family Boarding School

Advanced Placement Courses

The Hill School offers the following 28 Advanced Placement courses.

Read detailed descriptions about these courses in our Course Catalog and Planning Guide.
 Course:    Corresponding Advanced Placement Examination(s):
 Art History (AP)  Art History
 Studio Art (AP): 2-D Design   Studio Art: 2-D Design
 Studio Art (AP): 3-D Design  Studio Art: 3-D Design
 Studio Art (AP): Drawing  Studio Art: Drawing
 Latin (AP)   Latin
 English 3 (AP) Language   English Language and Composition
 English 4 (AP)  Literature  English Literature and Composition
 United States History (AP)    United States History
 Economics (AP)  Macroeconomics and Microeconomics
 U.S. & Comparative Government and Politics (AP)  Comparative Government & Politics and US Government
 Psychology (AP)  Psychology
 Humanities 3 (AP) English Language  English Language and Composition
 Humanities 4 (AP) English Literature   English Literature and Composition
 Statistics (AP)  Statistics
 Calculus AB (AP)  Calculus AB 
 BC/Multivariable Calculus (AP)  Calculus BC
 Computer Science Principles (AP)  Computer Science Principles
 Computer Science A (AP)  Computer Science A
 Chinese (AP)   Chinese Language and Culture
 French (AP)   French Language and Culture
 Spanish 4 (AP) (Language)  Spanish Language and Culture
 Spanish 5 (AP) (Literature)  Spanish Literature and Culture
 Physics 1 (AP)  Physics 1
 Environmental Science (AP)  Environmental Science
 Biology (AP)  Biology
 Chemistry (AP)   Chemistry
 Physics C (AP) Mechanics   Physics C: Mechanics
 Physics C (AP) E and M  Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism


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