The Hill School- The Family Boarding School
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Hill School Adviser Program

"My adviser group has become my little family at The Hill."

Adviser groups in GrilleAs The Family Boarding School, The Hill has always strived to maintain an atmosphere which encourages closeness, communication, and understanding. Each Hill School student is assigned a faculty adviser with whom he or she meets on a weekly basis during both small group meetings on Tuesday mornings and during adviser seated lunches on Fridays. Students also meet with their advisers one-on-one throughout the year and the group sits together for many of the School’s assemblies, visiting speakers, and special events held in the Center For The Arts. An adviser usually has a group of five to seven students each year and in most cases students remain with the same adviser throughout their time at The Hill.
While an adviser’s formal responsibilities include distributing grades, assisting with class selections, and making periodic reports to each advisee’s parents, the adviser’s primary role is to support and encourage the students in their charge and make a positive, genuine, impact in their lives-- while at The Hill and beyond. Many of the most meaningful connections between advisers and advisees are made through casual conversations, sharing snacks and laughs together, celebrating birthdays and achievements, participating in community service activities, enjoying an off-campus trip to the movies, or dinner in the adviser’s home.

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