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Afternoon Arts at The Hill School

In conjunction with our Interscholastic Athletics requirement and Life Fitness program, students interested in studio art, theatre, vocal or instrumental music, woodworking, or video production may utilize their afternoons creating a project, participating in a theatre production, or practicing their instrument.

Students should remember the following guidelines before signing up for the program:
  • Admission into the Afternoon Arts Program is based upon audition or written proposal. Written proposals should be directed to the Afternoon Arts Coordinator, no later than the beginning of athletic try-outs for the desired season. Proposals are accepted on rolling basis and can be submitted any time during the year; preference will be given to early submissions.

  • All students are required to be involved in some form of supervised activity during the period designated for that purpose, each day when school is in session, unless otherwise excused. All students enrolled in Afternoon Arts must participate in a fitness regimen equal to at least two hours of physical activity per week under the direction of an authorized arts instructor. Repeated failure to attend these workouts will result in removal from the Afternoon Arts program.

  • Fifth and sixth form students may participate in up to three terms of afternoon arts per academic year, provided they have applied for, and have been accepted into a three-term program. Not all students who apply are guaranteed acceptance into the Afternoon Arts Program of their choice, and both Athletics and Arts Department approval is required. Three-term applications are submitted to the Afternoon Arts coordinator and are due on August 1 before the new school year begins. Access a printable PDF of the Three-Term Afternoon Arts Distinction application here.

  • Third and fourth form students may participate in up to two terms (fall, winter or spring) of afternoon arts during the academic year, but not all students who apply are guaranteed acceptance into the Afternoon Arts program of their choice. Arts Department approval is required. 

  • Third and fourth form students, who participate in Afternoon Arts, must also participate as players, in at least one term of interscholastic sports during the term in which they elect not to participate in Afternoon Arts.

  • As a general rule, students may not enroll in afternoon arts after enrollment deadlines have passed. Students may not apply to the Afternoon Arts program after they have been cut from a sport. Arts should be their primary focus and a default should other things not work out.

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