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The Alumni Chapel

Chapel is one of the centers of community life at The Hill, a place where students and faculty meet regularly for services and celebrations.

Beautiful stained glass window in the Alumni ChapelTwice-weekly nondenominational services (required for all students on Mondays and Fridays) begin with a prayer and hymn. A speaker (usually a member of the student body, faculty member, or one of the chaplains, and occasionally a guest speaker) addresses the community, sharing insight or experience that has been formative in his or her own spiritual pilgrimage. These talks range from the extremely funny to the heart-rendingly serious. Some are religious; while many are searching and asking questions rather than giving answers.
At regular periods throughout the year, the Honor Council may address the needs for honesty in all aspects of School life. For students, preparing and presenting a Chapel talk is considered to be a major component of developing one's leadership. At the opening of School, the weekend of Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, and during Parents' Weekend, there is a Sunday Chapel service, required for all boarding and day students. On a closed weekend in most other months, there is a required Sunday service for boarding students (parents of non-Christian students may request that their children be excused from these monthly services). More fully developed than the weekday chapels, these services include Bible readings, a psalm, choral music, hymns, and a sermon by one of the Chaplains. There are voluntary services of Morning and Evening Prayer in the Chapel every day, and a voluntary celebration of the Holy Communion each Sunday.
History of the Alumni Chapel I Built in 1904, the Alumni Chapel is one of the oldest buildings on campus. Furthermore, it was the first collaborative gift from alumni, presented specifically to pay tribute to the importance of spiritual life at The Hill. After initial fundraising fell short, William W. Clawson, president of the alumni association and Hill class of 1885, embarked upon a formal campaign to raise money for a new chapel. Solicitation cards inscribed with the slogan "The Hill School Chapel: To Be or Not to Be?" were sent to all alumni. This prompted a great response of generous donations and before long the full amount needed for the chapel construction was received.

With more than 100 alumni in attendance, the formal dedication of the chapel took place on February 20, 1904. To complete the chapel, Headmaster John Meigs and his wife, Marion, donated an organ, which also was dedicated at the ceremony in memory of John's mother, Mary.

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