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Hill School Arts Facility Rental Information

The Hill School facilities are designed for a number of individual and group activities, and can be reserved for meetings, presentations, weddings, showers, recitals, and other events. If interested in renting one of our facilities, please review the rates and guidelines listed below.  For additional questions pertaining to rentals, please contact the Site Administrator/Secretary to the Director; Joanne Egrie at 610-705-1039.
All rentals are to be secured via CommunityUse by the requester before the designated deadlines. 

*New users should click "Log in to Request Facility Use" at the top right corner of the CommunityUse homepage. 
View instructions on How to Request Access to Submit Requests or How to Login and Submit a Request.  If you have questions regarding access to CommunityUse, please contact Brian Artim at

Hourly Rates:

Facility Level 1 Level 2  Level 3
Theatre $0 $150 $250
Lobby Area  $0 $100 $150
Art Gallery $0 $70 $90
Personnel Fees $0 $30 $30
Cleaning Fees $0 $100 $100

Equipment Rental:

Piano, baby grand or concert, tuned   $300/piano/event
 Piano, upright, tuned $200/piano/event 
 Risers, platform or choir $70/set/event
 Hanging and operating stage rigging (over 1 drop)   $30/rigger/HR 
 Additional microphones, speakers $30/unit/event
Floor or hand-held wireless $70/unit/event
Video projector and screen $120/event
Overhead projector and screen (one unit available) $60/event 
 TV/VCR (one unit available) $80/event
 Fog machine (two units available) $60/unit/event
 6' and 8' round tables  $10/table/event
48" round table $20/table/event
 Linens $6/ 6'-8' table/event  
 Linens $10/ 48" round table/event
 Gaffers and glow tape $25/roll
Purchase of Gobos through the CFTA $25/gobo

Contract Requirements:

A 50 percent deposit is required to secure a desired date and times for facility usage. If the event is canceled prior to two weeks before the start date, 50 percent of that deposit will be returned. The deposit is non-refundable if an event is cancelled within the two weeks prior to the event. According to the nature and duration of each rental, individual contracts will detail a schedule for the remaining balance to be paid.

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