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Cutrona Family Foundation Innovation Grants

Below are the recipients of the 2015-16 Cutrona Family Foundation Innovation Grants:

In 2013, the Cutrona Family Foundation generously funded the purchase of iPads for all of  Hill School faculty members and created a new grant program to encourage teachers to be innovative in the classroom. We are grateful to the Cutrona Family - Sal and Nanette along with their sons, Dante '99 and Sal '06 - for these annual innovation grants that inspire our faculty to think creatively and enhance our students' learning.

Yoon Soo Lim, Oaklawn-Tuttle Director of Vocal Music

Thanks to a Cutrona Family Grant, Oaklawn-Tuttle Director of Vocal Music Yoon Soo Lim was able to purchase a 5 Carat Diamond Platinum Series VocalBooth for the music recording studio in the Center For The Arts. The VocalBooth creates an isolated room within the recording studio where a musician can record without being distracted by exterior noise. Several students utilized the VocalBooth throughout the year, including members of the Chorus, Chamber Choir, Hilltones, Hilltrebles, Music Theory class, Advanced Music Tech class, and students participating in Afternoon Arts. Additionally, two sixth form students who will be pursing music-related majors in college recorded materials for their respective college applications in the VocalBooth.

Leigh Morrison, Instructor of Religious Studies

Instructor of Religious Studies Leigh Morrison was able to implement the "Face to Faith" program into her Worldviews and World Religions curriculum thanks to funds provided by a Cutrona Family Grant.  "Face to Faith" is a project of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation Global Scholars Program that is active in more than 20 countries across the world. Its intent is to bring young people together to try and prevent prejudice and conflict, while promoting open-mindedness. Prior to incorporating the program, Ms. Morrison attended a training session at Princeton University, purchased and implemented the necessary technology in her classroom, and was in communication with "Face to Faith" program directors and teachers from the three international schools with which she had scheduled video conferences: The Birla School in India; Har Vagai School in Israel; and Kufr Nemeh School in Palestine.

Tim Jump, Director of Quadrivium Engineering and Design

A Cutrona Family Grant provided monies to start the Engineering3 program at The Hill, which debuted in the fall of 2015. Class preparations began during the summer, when the second floor of the Widener Arts and Crafts Building was transformed from a sixth form lounge into a classroom space for Engineering and Computer Science. This transformation included the purchase and installation of lockers to contain students’ work, workstation tables, testing tables, and power supplies and Ethernet wiring, as well as preparing the kits that students would use during the school year. The E3 program exceeded expectations during its first year, and the course will begin the 2016-17 year at full capacity.
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