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Dean of Students Office

The Hill School's Deans' Office carries responsibility for the well-being of Hill's student body. It is the place where students can seek sustentative counsel about procedural issues and personal matters. The deans are integrally and personally involved in the daily life of all students with the aspiration of supporting the community.

The areas of School life directly overseen by the Deans' Office include attendance across school commitments, weekend permissions, weekday off-campus permissions, campus visitors, community morale, disciplinary matters, and leadership initiatives. All areas of School life are comprised in The Hill School Handbook, whose content is facilitated by the Deans’ Office.

The Hill School's core values are supported through the discipline system. When a student violates a major School rule, he or she is seen by the Discipline Committee. The Discipline Committee, chaired by the Dean of Students, is comprised of students and faculty elected by their peers to hear issues of cases, deliberate as a group, and vote independently on a recommendation presented to the Headmaster regarding that student’s status in The Hill community.

Community expectations are tracked in the Deans' Office through a variety of vehicles, including the demerit system. As students begin missing commitments or having difficulty in adjusting to the School's guidelines, the Deans’ Office facilitates support and action to best assist that student. In this way, the Deans' Office provides central communication for students, parents, and faculty. Through this network, the student body is supported and guided throughout the school year.

The Deans’ Office serves as the primary source for student morale and community culture. Therefore, it serves as a crucial resource for students and parents for both logistics as well as community morale. Ultimately, through its various roles, the Deans’ Office aims for all students to gain stronger ideas of responsibility, integrity, and morality as individuals and in relationships.

Dean Ari Baum ( and Associate Dean Heidi Eccleston ( are available in the Deans' Office to students and faculty throughout the week. On weekdays after 4:30 p.m. and weekends, the Dean on Duty (a rotating administrator) is available to assist community members via the security radio at 610-327-3060 or at 610-326-1000, extension 7259.

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