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Student Debit Account Card Information

ID/Access/Debit Account Card: Every student at The Hill is issued a card that is their school ID, allows access to the dormitories, and is linked to their school debit account. Once parents have deposited funds into their student’s debit account, the card can be used for purchases in the Campus Store, the Grille, and for cash withdrawals. Students are able to obtain their account balance at the point of each card transaction. 

What is the advantage of the debit account card?

For students, it provides a realistic experience of managing money. For parents, it provides control over your child's miscellaneous spending. For the benefit of everyone, it reduces the amount of cash students must carry or keep in a dorm room.

Where can the debit account card be used?

1. Campus Store: Academic supplies, personal care items, snack items, and Hill apparel
2. The Grille:  Food and drink purchases (snack bar in the Student Center)
3. Business Office:  Cash withdrawals and debit card deposits

4. The RamShack:
  Food and drink purchases (snack bar at Far Fields)

Will purchases in the Campus Store/Grille be billed home?

No. Student purchases must either be made with the debit account card or with cash. Students will receive a transaction slip with each purchase or withdrawal; parents can view past statements and current activity on MyBackpack.

What happens if a card runs out of funds?

Purchases and cash withdrawals with the card will not be permitted unless there is a sufficient balance.

How are funds deposited to the debit account card?

1.  Payments may be made online via MyBackpack.  Funds will be posted and available the following business day.  

2.  A parent/student may take cash or check (payable to "The Hill School") to the Business Office. All deposit received before noon will be available that day; funds received after noon will be available the following day. 

3.  Mail a check (payable to "The Hill School"), along with the debit account card deposit form to The Hill School, Attn: Lori Blackburn, 860 Beech Street, Pottstown, PA 19464. Mail received in the Business Office before noon will be available that day; funds received after noon will be available the following day. 

4.  International families without a U.S. bank account may make deposits via Flywire ( and then select “Student Debit Card” from the drop down menu for the payment type. Funds are posted the day they are received into our bank from Flywire.

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