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Living in Hill School Dormitories

At The Hill, a dormitory is more than a place where students sleep at the end of a busy day. Hill students learn by living with students from across the United States and around the world. Whether through the weekly dorm meetings, lively "Family Nights” on Tuesday evenings, or Open Houses, the residential curriculum program, or daily interaction with peers and adults, boarding students make lifelong friends in a unique way and learn important life skills in the process. Best of all, some of the most memorable, positive, and fun experiences happen within the dormitories!
As The Family Boarding School, The Hill has had more than 160 years to develop a residential community that provides a true second home for those who reside on campus. Most Hill faculty members live in the dorms as dorm parents, and those who live in other faculty residences serve as affiliates to a dormitory. These faculty members support students as they learn to be independent young adults. Through caring guidance, boarding students learn the importance of respecting themselves and others, while at the same time learning to keep their rooms clean and to study effectively during evening study hall.

Supporting the faculty in the dorms are the sixth form prefectsThese respected school leaders are selected for their communication skills and leadership abilities and are role models for the students on their halls and in their dorms. They are trained before and during their sixth form year to guide their charges toward positive decision-making and kindness toward others.

Further questions about living in residence halls should be directed to Assistant Headmaster for Student Life Jennifer E. Lagor at or 610-326-1000, ext. 7285.

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