The Hill School- The Family Boarding School
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Why The Family Boarding School?

The Hill School is an exceptionally close learning community, a place where faculty and students treat each other as family – where teachers know and care for their students as individuals and students form lifelong friendships. Purposefully smaller than most peer schools, The Hill originally was known as The Family Boarding School, and today's diverse students, parents, alumni, and visitors continue to cite Hill's definitive feeling of family. Here, students enjoy small class sizes, weekly group meetings with advisers, and traditions such as seated meals and Chapel services, all of which bring the School community together allowing students to forge strong friendships with each other, and students and faculty to form strong, trust-based relationships.
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Most Tuesday nights are “Family Night” in the dormitories. During Family Nights, students enjoy dorm-bonding activities such as board games, baking cookies, or going to Mercer Field House to play dodge ball. Occasionally, dorm parents will provide food for “hall feeds” or bake cookies on Family Night.

The Family Boarding School extends beyond daily school life at The Hill. More than 30 percent of current Hill students have a legacy connection to the School, and The Hill boasts an extensive alumni network that holds numerous annual regional events, allowing alumni to stay connected after graduating from The Hill. Reunion Weekend also is a well-attended event that occurs each June, bringing together generations of Hill alumni and their families from across the country and around the world as they come “home” to The Hill School. 

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