The Hill School- The Family Boarding School

Information and Technology Services at The Hill School

At The Hill School, our library and technology staff and services are integrated into one department (Information and Technology Services, or ITS) focused on making sure students have the access to and support for the information and technology resources they need for a great educational experience.

Our technical staff supports Hill's BYOD program; our high-speed network; technologies like Apple TVs, high definition projectors, and tablets in the classroom; and a lot of behind-the-scenes tools that keep things running smoothly. In the library, we provide students with access to the latest information through college-level online databases, books, and periodicals. We work with faculty members to find effective ways to integrate information and technology resources into classroom activities and we can help with every step of a student's research project, from finding to presenting information. .

Our aim is to help Hill students develop the ability to take a discerning, informed, and ethical approach to research and information management, while also supporting the development of critical skills in reading, writing, quantitative analysis, and oral communication. 

Hill School Network (HillNET)

The Hill has high speed WIFI access in all dorms and academic buildings. Classrooms are equipped with state of the art wireless high definition projectors as well as Apple TVs. All students have access to The Hill’s unique WavePrint service, which allows most devices, including iPads, to print to designated printers in all academic buildings and dormitories. Students receive a Hill email address and access to SharePoint for cloud-based sharing and storage of documents. They also have access to the new cloud based Office 365 for word processing, video conferencing, creating presentations and spreadsheets, and more. Office 365 is compatible with Apple (phones, desktops and laptops, iPads), Windows devices, and Android phones and tablets.
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