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Inclusion at The Hill

Members of The Hill's Inclusion Council are pictured below:

The Hill School Inclusion Statement

The Hill School believes in fostering an open and inclusive community. We stand together, committed to making our students, faculty, and staff members feel respected and valued for every aspect of who they are. By welcoming a diverse range of perspectives, we strengthen our academic, residential, and co-curricular experiences. We believe inclusion encourages an informed, global perspective, an essential trait we seek to cultivate in every student, faculty member, and staff member. We, The Family Boarding School, make it our mission to ensure every member of our family feels welcomed, included, and safe.
To learn more about including at The Hill, please contact Brandon Jacobs '07, director of inclusion and diversity and student activities coordinator, at

Inclusion Week

The Hill School's 2016-17 Inclusion Week will be held in October. Below are some of the programs offered during the spring of 2016:

• Diversity and Inclusion Summit:  A day-long workshop. Recently the Summit hosted with national renowned speaker Rosetta Lee.
• Hill Forum:  An all-School, student-driven event with a TED Talk platform with topics promoting freedom of speech and highlighting community values, diversity, and acceptance.
• A Thousand Voices Chapel Talk:  Multiple students address issues relating to micro-aggressions and promoting inclusion during an a scripted, interactive presentation in the Chapel.
• CoMeTrY:  A school-wide professional performance that focused on identity and diversity.
• Sticks & Stones:  An open forum program highlighting the use of words and promoting positive encouragement in The Hill community.
• Hear Us Roar A slam poetry competition allowing students to express themselves in a safe, open-minded environment.

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