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Inclusion and Diversity at The Hill


What Does Inclusion and Diversity Mean at The Hill School | 
At The Hill School, not only do we look to acknowledge and celebrate diversity, we seek to make everyone feel included and welcome. Every member of our school, including students, faculty, and staff should feel respected and loved for their unique identities that make our community strong. We believe that all community members should feel safe and welcome regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, religion, or ability.

The Hill School Inclusion Statement | The Hill School believes in fostering an open and inclusive community. We stand together, committed to making our students, faculty, and staff members feel respected and valued for every aspect of who they are. By welcoming a diverse range of perspectives, we strengthen our academic, residential, and co-curricular experiences. We believe inclusion encourages an informed, global perspective, an essential trait we seek to cultivate in every student, faculty member, and staff member. We, The Family Boarding School, make it our mission to ensure every member of our family feels welcomed, included, and safe.

Inclusion Council | The Inclusion Council is a student group designed to oversee issues around inclusion and diversity on campus. The Inclusion Council is comprised of students who have expressed interested in inclusion and diversity work, while representing various groups on campus. The Council meets bi-weekly with faculty representatives to discuss how to address issues on campus and help foster an inclusive community. The Council, in conjunction with the Inclusion Task Force, is responsible for promoting and creating both on and off-campus events, programs, and discussions around inclusion and diversity. Students who are interested in joining the Inclusion Council must apply and are selected by the faculty. The members of the 2017-18 Council are: Crystal Brown, Sage Swaby, Sahibdip Saini, Emma Wright, Max Moore, Anya Gupta, Eric Jacobs, Celestine Owusu, Linh Nguyen, Sarah Gbadebo, and Eric Cardoza.

Inclusion Task Force | The Inclusion Task Force is a faculty group responsible for overseeing issues around inclusion and diversity. The Inclusion Task Force meets bi-monthly and is comprised of faculty members from all on-campus academic and student life departments. The Task Force works in conjunction with the Inclusion Council to promote and create both on and off-campus events, programs, and discussions around inclusion and diversity.

To learn more about inclusion at The Hill, please contact Brandon Jacobs '07, director of inclusion and diversity and student activities coordinator, at

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