The Hill School- The Family Boarding School

Injury Evaluation and Medical Care Procedures

One of Hill's trainers assists a student

Reporting injuries and evaluation:
All Hill School students have access to services provided by the athletic trainers. It is the student-athletes’ responsibility to report all injuries as soon as possible to the athletic trainers. Immediate care and treatment is critical for a full return to sport. Students can stop by the athletic training room, email each ATC, call the athletic training room, or have a coach contact the ATC to set up a meeting time. Following a complete evaluation, the athletic trainer will make the necessary recommendations for treatment. In conjunction with our team physician, outside tests or treatments are scheduled following parental consent.

Treatment and rehabilitation
The Sports Medicine facility hours vary depending on the current athletics season. Treatment and rehabilitation will be available to all student-athletes, but those currently in-season will receive first priority. Student-athletes are expected to follow all directives of the ATC for best outcomes. Noncompliance delays return and limits the amount of participation in sport. When available, student-athletes may be instructed to report for treatment during a free period of the academic day. Students will return to activity upon the completion of their treatment and/or rehabilitation program. Coaches are notified of this progress by the ATC.

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