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Welcome International Hill School Students and Families!

Welcome to The Hill School's International student website! From 1851, when The Hill School opened a boarding school for 25 boys and young men, our school has grown tremendously, not only in numbers, but also in diversity. Today, international students represent 19 percent of our student body, hailing from 23 countries. In this close and welcoming family boarding school environment, we believe in fostering an open and inclusive community and encouraging all to share their global perspectives.
We do our best to to make every student feel like Hill truly is their home away from home by offering special events and programs throughout the year for our international students and all members of The Hill community. Some of these include:?

International Prefects: Prefects are sixth and fifth form student residential life advisers that serve as assistant dorm parent and older brother or sister to the students on his or her hall. In particular, our international prefects are available to help new international students get acclimated to life at Hill from their first days on campus during orientation and throughout the entire school year.
Host Family Program: Local Hill School families provide a "home away from home" for our international students who are unable to travel home or stay with relatives during long holiday weekends and breaks. These families welcome international students into their homes, making them feel a part of their own families.
International Student Dinners: Every other month we host an international student dinner, where students can enjoy delicious cuisines from different regions and enjoy the company of other international students.
International Food Fair:  A fundraiser for a local organization, the International Food Fair is a fun way for international students to share the unique foods from their own countries with all members of The Hill community. 

Quick References Below are links to information that international students and their families might find helpful:
Questions ? Please Contact:
Lynda Hamilton-Kirk | Executive Director of Constituent Relations and Special Projects | 610-705-1146 |
Dora Gallagher | Assistant Director of Parent Engagement | 610-705-1193 |

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