The Hill School- The Family Boarding School
Campus Life

Life at The Hill School

At The Hill we believe some of the most important lessons are learned outside the classroom. Whether in the dormitory, the student center, during our family-style meals in the oak-paneled Dining Room surrounded by original N.C. Wyeth paintings, or in the Chapel, Hill students are learning how to live and succeed in a self-contained community. Through direct guidance and shared experience, students learn the importance of trust, communication, self-reliance and leadership. The School combines the traditions of the past with each student’s dreams for the future to provide a unique learning and living environment. Approximately 80 percent of Hill students board every year, and all students are required to board for at least one year. The School believes the bonds created between students and the adults living in this lively community provide an experience that generates great academic, athletic, and social excellence and leads to relationships that are cherished for a lifetime. 

A day at The Hill may include visiting the Grille, the School’s snack bar, for a “mookie”; singing “Happy Birthday” to a friend in the Dining Room; engaging in a conversation after class with a faculty member about Macbeth; working with a coach spending extra time perfecting a tennis serve; receiving extra help in Biology in a dormitory common room during evening study hall; or enjoying a “hall feed” in a dorm parent’s apartment during Family Nights in the dorm. Questions about "learning where you live" at The Hill should be directed to Assistant Headmaster for Student Life Jennifer E. Lagor.

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