The Hill School- The Family Boarding School

Contact Information for Parents

Whom should I contact if....

I need to reach my child in case of an emergency?
Please contact Hill Security or the Dean on Duty at 610-327-3060.
• My child has a medical condition and needs to take medication?
Please contact the Health Center at 610-326-1000, ext. 7217.

• I want to make arrangements for my child to come home on the weekends?
If you have not provided weekend permission for your child, you will need to notify the Deans' Office on each occasion in question. Please contact the Deans' Office at 610-326-1000, ext. 7288.
• My child is experiencing severe homesickness?
Expressions of severe homesickness should be referred to the dorm parent, adviser, or school counseling service for support and counseling. An email or phone call to Assistant Headmaster for Student Life Jennifer Lagor at or 610-326-1000, ext. 7285, or Director of Counseling Becky Smith at or 610-326-1000, ext. 7403, will allow the faculty to work behind the scenes to help your son or daughter feel more comfortable.
• My child has special dietary needs? 
Please contact Garrett O'Neill, general manager of Sodexo Food Services, at or 610-326-1000, ext. 7101. 
• I have questions about my child’s course selection and class schedule? 
Please contact Director of Studies and Instruction Bo Kim at  or 610-705-1089.
• I want to make special transportation arrangements for my child? 
Visit our Transportation Information page or contact Mr. William Conrad at or 610-705-1563.  
I want information about the Host Family Program?
The Host Family Program is a program in which local Hill families open their doors to students who are a long distance from home. For more information concerning the Host Family Program, please contact Dora Gallagher, director of special advancement programs and international family coordinator, at or 610-326-1000, ext. 7146.
• I have billing questions? 
Questions regarding billing and other financial matters should be directed to the appropriate member of the Business Office:
  • For general questions and debit card inquiries, please contact Lori Blackburn at or 610-326-1000, ext. 7325.
  •  For questions regarding tuition billing, miscellaneous charges, and student insurance please contact Dawn Norman at or 610-326-1000, ext. 7270.
  •  For questions regarding accounts payable, please contact Debbie Mauger at or 610-326-1000, ext. 7290.
  •  For questions regarding personnel, benefits, and insurances, please contact Heather Gelting at or 610-705-1149.
  • To reach the School's treasurer, please contact Rick Wood, at or 610-326-1000, ext. 7294.
  •  To reach the School's controller and assistant treasurer, please contact Scott Faulkingham at or 610-326-1000, ext. 7244.
• I have questions about my child’s financial aid package?
Please contact Chris Bala '97, associate director of admission and director of financial aid, at or 610-705-1165.
• I want to find out about athletics schedules and directions to away games?
Please visit the scores and schedules section of our website or call the Athletics Office at 610-326-1000, ext.7201.
• I want to become involved with fundraising and volunteer opportunities at The Hill?
 Please contact Shelley Baumgarten, director of alumni and parent engagement, at or 610-326-1000, ext. 7146.
• I want to discuss my child’s college plans?
 Please visit the College Counseling section of our website or contact the College Counseling Office at 610-326-1000, ext. 7276
I want to request an application and/or to arrange a tour of the campus?
 Please visit the Admission section of our website or contact The Hill School's Admission Office at 610-326-1000, ext. 7251.

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