The Hill School- The Family Boarding School

The Quadrivium Curriculum

Quadrivium, literally translated as “where four roads meet,” is a nod to Plato’s ideal combination of studies in science, math, engineering, and the arts.

At The Hill, we are committed to extraordinary learning. We honor and value the tenets of a traditional liberal arts education, and we strive to provide our graduates with skills and tools that a fast-changing, 21st Century world will require for success and fulfillment. The Hill’s Quadrivium Curriculum sets a new standard for interdisciplinary studies in science, math, technology, engineering, and digital design. The Quadrivium Curriculum empowers students to identify connections between, and solutions to, some of the most challenging societal issues; Quadrivium scholars develop the mindsets of engineers, designers, scientists, and innovators as they seek to discover solutions to these complex matters.
Learn more about the Quadrivium Curriculum learning opportunities here or in the brochure below,  Only at The Hill: The Quadrivium.

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