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Athletics at The Hill School

Hill School girls' lacrosse teamWith 31 varsity sports programs and several other recreational physical activities, athletics play a vital role in every Hill student’s development. Competing on an athletics team or cheering on the sidelines helps create and define The Hill community.

The Hill School's extensive athletics program aims to promote and perpetuate the School's educational ideals by "seeking ever to employ youth's eager zeal for strength as an instrument in building the complete man" and the complete woman. While we are proud to successfully compete for championships along the way, winning will always be a byproduct of a healthy, well-guided educational process, and never an end that justifies the means. Hill athletics will be an essential part of every student’s Hill education, serving to:
  • Teach students the ethics, rules, fundamentals, and skills of various individual and team sports.
  • Build in students valuable and transferable skills like collaboration, communication, character, and leadership.
  • Develop in students lifelong, healthy habits of fitness and stress management.
  • Provide healthy competition and cooperation within and between schools, thus inculcating in each student the best principles of good sportsmanship. Our student-athletes and coaches will engage in an ongoing dialogue about what it means to honor the game, as embodied in our Code of Conduct
  • Maintain and celebrate the spirit of true amateur competition.
  • Add to the fabric of all our students’ Hill experiences through spirited community building.
  • Inspire and support students pursuing excellence, with all students sharing in the pursuit.
Hill student athletes will be challenged to work hard, improve both on and off the field, and have fun in the process. They will gain confidence by reaching farther than they believed they could; and feel pride in accomplishing things together as a group that are greater than would ever be possible alone.

Hill School Athletics Mission Statement:

The Hill School athletics program creates opportunities for student athletes to compete at the highest level of independent school sports. We are committed to providing an experience that develops character, emphasizes teamwork, and encourages healthy lifelong habits.
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