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Below is a list of blueprints and other topics maintained in the Archives which are related to The Hill School campus and/or specific buildings:
  • Middle School - "Electrical & Fire Alarm System Upgrade", 5/7/1993, 13 sheets, 30"x42", U.L.Shafer Assoc. Inc., Sinking Spring, Pa.
  • Library - "Additions and Renovations", 11/23/1988, last revised 12/30/1988, 62 sheets, 5 repeated sheets, dated 10/31/1988, 30"x42", H2L2 Architects/Planners, Philadelphia, Pa.  (These plans were given to Buildings & Grounds. We now have a digital copy in Archives.)
  • Wolfboro Camps
    • "Plan of Lands", 10/2/1975, 1 sheet, 17"x22", Lakes Region Survey Service Inc.,  Wolfeboro, N.H.
    • "Plan of Lands", 9/17/1975, 8 sheets, 22"x34", Lakes Region Survey Services Inc., Wolfeboro, N.H
    • "Plan of Lands", 9/12/1975, 4 sheets, 22"x34", Lakes Region Survey Services Inc., Wolfeboro, N.H.
    • "Certain Land of Hill School Camp", 8/6/1964, 3 sheets, 19"x32"", R.B. Merriman, Surveyor
    • Subdivision for "Burton E. & Lloyd E. Rhodes", 12/3/1976, last revised 12/9/1976, 3 sheets, 24"x36", Lakes Region Survey Service Inc, Wolfeboro, N.H.
  • Headmaster House - 12/13/1973 (basement floor 12/11/1973), 7 sheets, 24"x30", Louis T. Klauder and Assoc., Philadelphia, Pa., illegible revisions by Hewitt and Granger, Philadelphia, Pa.
  • Weekend Camp (Gordon T. Clement) - 11/5/1928, last revised 11/14/1928, 5 sheets, 24"x27", S.M. Clement, Architect, N.Y.C.
  • Comprehensive Athletic Facility - proposed plans, 9/15/1999, 10 sheets, 19"x24"
  • Upper School - photocopies of parts of blueprints, 7/24/1909, 9/17/1909, 10/28/1909, 4 sheets, 18"x26", Hewitt and Paist Architects, Philadelphia, Pa.
  • Headmaster's House (Main Building) - "Prior to Fire Damage" and "Proposed Rebuilding," 12/14/1973, 4 sheets, 11"x16", Louis T. Klauder & Assoc.
  • Pottstown Borough - 5/13/1914, 1 sheet, 24"x36", traced from R.E. Shaner, Surveyor, blueprint for the Eastern Steel Company
  • Hill School - "Ground Plan" for campus, 1932, 1 sheet, 13"x23", shows buildings to 1920, to 1932, and proposed. Wendell dormitory has been added by hand in 1949
  • Meig's House (Main Building) - untitled architectural plans proposed for the rebuild after fire, 12/18/1973, 28 sheets, 18"x24", also included is a hand drawn picture of the proposed view from the inside at the west entrance to the Meigs House
  • Memorial Room - "Open Bay Vaulting Plan", 1920, 1 sheet, 15"x19", Hewitt & Ash, Architects, Philadelphia, Pa. (note: some of this information was hand written on the back of blueprint)
  • Hill School - "Topographical Map of Part of Land of The Hill School", 4/9/1930, 1 sheet, 26"x56", Charles Z. Klauder, Architect, Philadelphia, Pa.
  •  Memorial Hall - "Cross Sections", 11/5/1919, last revised 12/23/1919, 1 sheet, 20"x34", Hewitt & Ash, Architects, Philadelphia, PA (note: there are three full sections of building)
  • Lavertu Residence - Architectural plans for Mr. & Mrs. Lavertu residence, located at corner of Bailey and King Streets, 4/1937, 8+1 sheets, 17"x27", E. Kaye Hunter, Architect, Plymouth Meeting, Pa.
  • Dell Dorms and Guest House - 4 copies of colored picture of proposed Dell Dorms and existing Guest House, 11"x17"
  • Gymnasium Building - Plumbing Plan, 10/1930, 3 sheets, 31"x35", E.P. Saeger Company Plumbing & Engineers, Allentown, Pa.
  • Gymnasium Building - First Floor Plan, 7/7/1930, 1 sheet, 31"x38", Charles Z. Klauder, Architect, Philadelphia, Pa.
  • Rifle Range - I sheet, 13"x22", shows overhead view of range
  • Rifle Range - 9 sheets, some titled "for the Armory in Dover, Delaware," 21"x30", dates shown are 2/12/1913 and 5/16/1913, titles on sheets are: Details of Bracket for Telescope (2), Apparatus for Operating Target, Perspective of Range (2), Backstop (2), Firing Point Barricade, 50 Foot Barricade (note: hand written on the back of blueprint set is "Rifle Range at The Hill School")
  • Rifle Range - "Rifle Club Building," 7/1925, 9/1925, 4 sheets, 16"x26", the architect's last name may have been Saylor
  • Fan - a schematic of a fan used somewhere at The Hill School, manufactured by Clarage Fan Company, Kalamazoo, Mich., 1 sheet, 17"x21", dated 11/28/1931
  • Athletic Center – comprehensive proposed plans for the athletic center, encompassing the gyms, hockey rinks, fitness center, etc., dated 8/20/2002, 7 sheets, 19”x26”, no company noted
  • Wrestling Room – a variety of four sheets of plans pertaining to the Wrestling Room for Hill School, 3 sheets are by E. Kaye Hunter, RA, one sheet is by Warren B. Zern, general contractor – all sheets from 1956
  • Henry H. Saylor, class of 1889 - a number of blueprints/plans professionally done by Henry Saylor
  • H.V.L. Meigs, Esquire - blueprints for a "country residence near Pottstown, Pa" dated 8/18/1904, Muhlenberg Bros. Architects, Reading, PA, this property also known as "Hillside" -also includes detailed millwork for home.  This Hillside is reportedly identical plans to the Hillside built on The Hill School campus (Admissions Building currently).  The property listed here is reportedly near Birdsboro, Pa.


ChapelThe Archives maintains materials relating to the Chapel, such as information on the organ, tablets, stained glass windows, additional photographs and slides, etc.

Fires: The Archives maintains materials pertaining to the three major fires that have occurred at The Hill School, such as newspaper articles, photographs, publications, restoration, etc. The three fires took place in 1884, 1890, and 1973. Note: There is a framed series of photographs from the 1973 fire hanging in the stairwell of the library between the second and third floors

Library: The Archives maintains materials pertaining to the library, such as files on library committees, tapestries, Memorial Hall, Lincoln Corridor, funds, etc. 

  • Library construction: The dedication for the construction and renovation of the John P. Ryan Library occurred in June 1990. The Archives has materials related to the planning and execution of this project. There are also poster boards and blueprints relating to this project, which are located in the closet of the Archives room.
  • Memorial Hall/Library: The Archives maintains files pertaining to the construction of Memorial Hall and the Library, or parts thereof. There are files of pre-construction correspondence and fund-raising from ~1919 +; the laying of the cornerstone for Memorial Hall on 11/1/1919; the windows/lectern construction from ~1950; the Levis Room construction ~late 1940s; development of WWII memorial; exhibit facilities; stage lighting; library viewing room ~1990, etc.

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