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Academic Information: 
  • Academic Information, miscellaneous:  The Archives maintains materials related to miscellaneous Hill School academic information, such as ledgers of the student body’s grades - “Weekly Record of Standing;” other records of grades; school rosters; college acceptance exams; correspondence; etc.

  • Academic Textbooks from alumni:  The Archives maintains a collection of Hill School textbooks and other classroom materials, given by alums.


  • Individual Faculty:  The Archives maintains alphabetical files of individual Hill School faculty and some administrative personnel.

  • Faculty & committee information plus: The Archives maintains files of information pertaining to faculty, faculty committees, and other relative materials, such as Academic Council, administrative, various faculty committees, long range planning, faculty meeting minutes, class syllabi, faculty handbooks, grade cards, etc.

Notable Faculty Members: (Archives maintains additional materials on these people)   

  • Chancellor, Paul G.:  Paul Chancellor was a former Hill School instructor of Humanities. Much of Chancellor’s information pertains to his book, The History of The Hill School: 1851-1976. There are additional files pertaining to him in the individual faculty files. He was a faculty member at The Hill School from 1925 -1967.

  • Michener, James A.:  American author James Michener was a former Hill School instructor of English from 1929 - 1931.

  • Paconovsky, Karl M. (Karl Palmer):  Karl Paconovsky was a faculty member at The Hill School from 1944 to 1972.  He specialized in woodworking and mechanical drawing. The information in the Archives includes the Arts and Crafts Department log book from ~1952-1974.

  • Rolfe, Alfred G.:  Alfred Rolfe was a revered Hill School faculty member from 1890 to1942 (Headmaster from 1911-1914). Items related to him include a framed tribute to him for 50 years of service to The Hill School from Trustees; his framed college degree; copy of his last will & testament; copy of The World of Homer given to Paul Chancellor from Rolfe; a very large bound copy of letters to Rolfe honoring him for his 50 years of service to The Hill; and a copy of his memorial service at Hill.

  • Sweeney, Michael F.:  The Archives maintains extensive materials related to Michael Sweeney, The Hill School's first director of athletics, including his School publications as a coach and the director of athletics, correspondence, photographs, etc. He was a member of the faculty from 1896 to 1936.

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