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Special School Events

Robert Frost visits The Hill  Celebrating in The Dell after graduation (prior to 1998)  First coeducation graduation in 1998 

Commencement / Reunions / Special On-Campus Events: The Archives maintains information pertaining to yearly Commencement events; Hill School Reunions (i.e. mailings, appeals, programs, etc.); and a variety of special on-campus events (Parents Weekend, Opening Day, Career Day, etc.). Some of these events no longer take place.

School Anniversary Events: The Archives maintains information pertaining to the anniversary celebrations of the School’s founding in 1851, such as a bound copy of congratulatory letters from around the world for The Hill School Centennial Celebration (1951), dishes, a looped rug, banners, and other artifacts/information that relate to the major anniversaries of the School.
Exhibits / Speakers / Concerts: The Archives maintains information pertaining to a variety of exhibits, shows, speakers, concerts, etc., that were held at The Hill School. This includes programs such as Paidaia, Bissell Forum, Humanities Fund, and the Sanford Arts Festival, which are no longer in existence.

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