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Framed and Unframed Artwork / Framed Pictures


Note: There are a total of five pages of framed and unframed artwork and other framed pictures listed on this site.

The following items are stored in the Archives (p. 1): 

  • 17” x 14” framed copy of a black & white photograph of campus, includes the Toboggan Run, Cottage, Music House, Annex, New Wing, and the Main Building – dated 1887

  • 15” x 12” framed black & white photograph of the Hill Class of 1877, showing only four boys 

  • 14” x 11” framed black & white photograph of entire School (faculty and students), 1889

  • 9” x 7” framed black & white photograph of John Meigs with faculty, wives, and children, circa late 1800s

  • 9” x 7” framed black & white photograph of the Toboggan Run, which was on campus around 1888 

  • 10” x 8” framed black & white photograph of John Meigs’ study in the Main Building, which was also the same room in which he was born

  • 15” x 12” framed black & white drawing of the Main Building, circa 1874

  • 24" x 18” framed black & white drawing of aerial view of campus, archives has copies of this drawing which may have been used for an alumni memento in the past

  • 21” x 17” framed black & white photograph of John Meigs

  • 21” x 11” framed copy of a diagram of campus property, 1911, which was included in the front of the School catalogs from that time

  • 16” x 13” framed original letter from John Meigs to a student’s (William Schearer) parent telling of his admirable academic work

  • Two 20”x 11” framed black & white photographs of a private kindergarten held at Hill School by a faculty wife, shown with seven children, including Marcia Meigs; the photographs were taken outside, there is information written, including names, on the back of the pictures; these two pictures are hanging on the wall in archives, circa 1916

  • 26”x 12” framed collection of 4 color photographs of the current archives at its beginning with Dr. Henry Bender, circa 2009

  • 21”x 15” framed color photograph of the 1998 Lawrenceville Weekend bonfire, photographed by Carl Gachet '81

  • 23”x 19” framed color photograph of a Lawrenceville Weekend bonfire

  • Two 24”x 18” framed prints of artwork done by Klaus G. Grutzka, who was a Hill art teacher from 1982-1988; one is a watercolor of the Chapel including a portion of Middle School and the Memorial Room as viewed from the east; the second is a watercolor of a view of campus from the north, including Upper School and portions of Middle School and the Chapel. 
  • 24" x 18" watercolor by Klaus G. Grutzka of the School from the north, framed roughly to protect artwork, signed and dated 9/1985
  • 10" x 13" framed watercolor/charcoal or pencil by Klaus G. Grutzka of the inside hull of ship housing a submarine (?), signed and dated 1942
  • 19" x 13" framed watercolor by Klaus G. Grutzka of a river, signed and dated 1942
  • 9" x 13" framed pen & ink/watercolor of deck of battleship (?), signature looks to be Grutzka

  • Two 21”x 17” framed pieces of original artwork done by Arthur de Sousa, who was a chemistry teacher at Hill from 1973-1974; one is a scene with a wire fence set in fields; the other is a rowboat tied at a shoreline.

  • Four 22” x 18” framed N.C. Wyeth prints that were sold at the Hill bookstore; they are numbered (all are # 5/300); they are prints from the original series of paintings that hang in the dining hall, which are the set which were painted for the book Poems of American Patriotism, chosen by Brander Matthews, illustrated by Wyeth; there is a copy of this book in the archives located in FC 7, D4 (signed by N.C. Wyeth and dated 1922); the four prints are titled: “The Old Continentals,” “Washington Serving Liberty,” “Paul Revere,” “Warren’s Address”

  • 19” x 15” framed photograph of Headmaster James I. Wendell as a younger man, at water’s edge next to a canoe-type boat with a shotgun/rifle in his hand

  • 32” x 27’ framed black & white picture of Headmaster James I. Wendell posing seated with commencement garb on and a book in his lap

  • Seven 32” x 24” framed, original sketches done by Paul Mauger while giving a talk at Hill

  • 32” x 10” framed arrangement of three 8”x10” photographs; very old; two photographs are of a drama club play and the third is a posed yearbook photograph taken in front of the Chapel

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