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Textiles (Clothing and Fabric Items)


The Archives maintains a number of boxes that store various clothing articles and items made of fabrics.  We collectively label these items as "textiles."  They are some of our best treasures and we enthusiastically welcome any such gifts. We have an assortment of items, such as cadet uniforms, sport coats, a white dress, some athletic clothing, shirts, sweaters, ties, scarfs, a variety of hats and caps, blankets and banners, etc.

Below are descriptions of a few interesting articles: 
  • Philip Rogers Mallory, Class of 1904
    • 3 Hill School Band jackets
    • Framed diploma from Hill School, signed by John Meigs
  • Edwin Pugsley, Class of 1904
    • Cadet uniform – green jacket, pants, and cap
    • Cadet uniform – yellow jacket and pants
    • Military cap – blue with “HSCC” at front of cap
  • Henry J. Colbath - Hill faculty (born 1888, died 1956)
    • Military Uniform – khaki jacket, pants, cap, leather riding chaps and belts
      *Henry J. Colbath was a member of the faculty at The Hill School from 1910 to 1918, when he entered the service, returning to The Hill in 1919, where he taught until he retired in 1953. He was the last surviving faculty member hired by John Meigs. He was a very well respected master of The Hill.
  • A. Pierpont Page, Class of 1899
    • Cadet uniform – navy blue jacket, pants, vest, cap, and a framed photo of Page
  • Wolcott Julius Humphrey, Class of 1896
    • military sword with leather sheath & helmet - helmet is made of white canvas with a gold/brass "HS" on top.  Items donated by his grandson, Peter G. Humphrey, class of 1972. 
  • Jessica Joan Venarchik, Class of 1999
    • White dress worn during Commencement and during celebratory jump into the Dell (May 22, 1999). Jessica is a member of the “1399 Club” - the first 13 females to graduate from The Hill School (all 13 were admitted to Hill as sixth formers during the first year of coeducation, 1998-99).
  • 1937 cream-colored School sport coat with blue piping and The Hill crest on the breast pocket
  • 1942 cream-colored School sport coat with The Hill crest on the breast pocket (Lawrence S. Bosworth Jr., class of 1942)
  •  1932 cream-colored sport coat with blue piping and The Hill crest on the breast pocket (Thomas Midgley, class of 1932)
  •  Hill School baseball jersey worn by David L. Holmgren, Class of 1947
  •  Hill School baseball jersey worn by Jeremy E. Johnson, Class of 1946
  •  Hill School football jersey circa 1940s
  •  United States of America Flag - flown in honor of Hill School over Camp Eggers in Kabul, Afghanistan, on 5/27/2013, in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, given by Lt. Frederick Carreon, Jr., class of 1990 
  • Dark blue wool sweat suit (James Kaufmann, class of 1964) presumably used by swimmers, turtle neck top, zippers on pant legs


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