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The Archives maintains important items that may not fall into established categories.  Until the time where they find a grouping to belong under, they will be found in "Miscellaneous." 
Hill School Fires:
  • The Archives maintains a variety of materials pertaining to the three major fires that occurred in The Hill School’s history (newspaper articles, photographs, publications, restoration, etc.)  The three fires occurred in 1884, 1890, and 1973.

Women of The Hill:

  • The Archives maintains various files and information pertaining to the Women of The Hill - an organization formed mostly of faculty wives in its early years when it was called the Woman's Club.  Today, Women of The Hill is also comprised of women who are employed by and otherwise associated with The Hill School.   Much of the information in the Archives is not current.   

Newspaper Clippings:

  • The Archives stores various newspapers and clippings about The Hill School. We have a newspaper from as far back as November 20, 1896. There are other newspaper clippings in files and locations within the Archives Room.

Miscellaneous Files:

The Archives maintains files pertaining to a variety of Hill School history and information. This is a “drop place” for information that does not have a category, yet it is important enough to be preserved. It is quite diverse and there are some very special files in this collection. These files should not be overlooked when doing research. The list of files in no particular order are:

- Sinking Gold Bonds (for Hill School)
- Hill School Stock Certificates
- Traditions at Hill - articles
- Philadelphia Magazine Hill School article, 12/1995
- Christmas Booklet written by student, 1907
- The Grill menu, 1940
- Hill enrollment, Hill income, other financial information, 1920-1951
- Commencement procedures for faculty, 1965
- Gifts / Memorials to Hill, up to 1957
- Rules & Regulations, miscellaneous, for students
- Students Coping with a Disaster, 9/12/2001
- Archives' articles written for The Hill Ties
- Facebook articles, 2013
- Hill School Themes, Policies, and Goals, miscellaneous
- Hill School Phone Directory, 1968
- Computers, IT, at Hill - articles
- Discipline and Demerits - articles
- Pennhurst State School, community service for students
- Tuition lists, miscellaneous
- School Facts, 2018
- Hill School F.A.Q, 2005-06
- List of Hill School holdings, material
- Hill School Statistics, miscellaneous
- Dining Room history - articles
- Bethany Mission, 1919
- Hill School Cookbooks
- List of books in Headmasters Office, 2009
- LIst of books containing information on Hill School
- Cross-Stitch, pattern for Hill School by Ann Jesson
- Washington Portrait by Segal, information
- Piano Painting of Mrs. John Meigs by William Merritt Chase, 1883
- Meigs House drawing by Robert A. Ward
- Drawings of Meigs House, miscellaneous
- Pen & Ink drawings of Hill School
- History of Hill tests and excursions
- Widener Science Building, miscellaneous information pertaining to it
- Hill School Art Walk
- Hill School's earliest catalogs and circulars
- Writing Center, miscellaneous information pertaining to it
- Memorial Room tapestries
- Hill School dances (please see "special days" files)
- Hill School colors
- Hill School beanies
- Hill School mascots
- Hill School sundial
- Hill School seal/emblem
- Hill School flags
- Hill School flagpoles
- Hill School sign post
- Headmaster's Garden
- Dell Theatre
- Headmaster's Nook Displays
- Exeter Motorcars at Hill
- Hobart's Run / Pottstown Cares
- Guest House - guest registries
- Cottage Seminary - women's school
- Hobart information
- Pottstown Historical Society - information on the Hill School Wall on High Street
- Hurricane Agnes flood, 1972
- Assorted campus projects and architects
- Pottstown - large file of miscellaneous materials on Pottstown (ie: maps, coins, history, Potts sisters, etc)
- Alumni Authors, Hill School
- Hill Authors - information from Doc Marshall's class
- Early History of Hill - miscellaneous articles
- Religion at Hill
- Boarding Schools - miscellaneous information
- Boys Schools Publications
- D.H.Kresge advertisement for clothing, at Hill School, 1913
- Lincoln bust information, bust located in library on first floor
- Lincoln - Kennedy facts,  interesting correlations
- Mysterious 13 game,  on dollar bill
- The Luger Pistol,  Hobby House Press, 1945
- William McKinley speech
- Hill School "Speakers Bureau"
- Senior Pranks
- Illnesses of students and faculty
- Students, African-American, first at Hill
- Foreign Students, data
- Day Students, articles
- "Old Boys" dinner
- Hillbackers
- Staff and Employees -  file includes photographs, articles, information on Willis Strawthers, Elsie Slaughter, Kathryn Miller, etc)
- Cadets and Wars - file includes information on cadets at The HIll School, alumni in the wars, Lisieux College in France, 1915-16 American History Class project, etc.
- Robert Frost -books and information
- N.C. Wyeth -information and books, particularly the original set of paintings from "Poems of American Patriotism"
- New Boys stats 1987-94
- student exchange 1994 with Lycee Rochambeau
- School Calendar of events 1989-90
- Rules governing Middle School and Main  1940
- Hill Alumni Ties with World History - Lou Jeffries
-Host Families at Hill
-Wyndcroft School
-Edgewood Cemetery (Pottstown folder)


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