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Quadrivium Engineering and Design

Two female students in engineering classThis progressive, multi-year engineering course was launched at Hill in September 2015. Timothy Jump, program creator, serves as The Hill's Director of Quadrivium Engineering and Design and oversees all coursework.

Engineering 1 focuses on developing an engineer’s perspective of effective problem-solving and engineering design. Through substantial group work, Engineering 1 explores fundamental mechanical engineering concepts such as statics and dynamics.

Engineering 2 expands student engineers' perspectives of effective problem solving and engineering design, while gaining new skills with the introduction of 3D CAD software; fabrication with rapid prototyping; and preliminary development of an advanced project involving design and development of search and rescue robots that will carry over into Engineering 3.

Engineering 3 formalizes students’ engineering habits of mind. Student engineers hone their CAD skills and improve parts design and fabrication processes; finalize mechanical performance of their small form factor robot, and experience an in-depth immersion into the world of data acquisition and processing related to human operated and embedded robot control.

Engineering 4 is the R&D level for the Engineering^3 program. Once students have completed all the learning modules in E1-E3, E4 provides an opportunity for students to engage in competitive and independent projects. A new level launched in 2018!

Engineering3 Building Blocks:

E3 students apply the scientific method from start to finish in each creation: definition, abstraction, analysis, prototyping, and testing.
E3 builds students’ engineering knowledge inventory, preparing them to excel in their engineering or STEM-focused college experiences.
E3 cultivates project management skills with each unique project.
E3 prepares students for solving real-world challenges.
E3 students grasp the variables of team dynamics, including conflicting ideas, compromise, and resolution.

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