The Hill School- The Family Boarding School
About Us

For 165 years, The Hill School has provided a traditional liberal arts education to its students while continually enhancing and supplementing our curricular and co-curricular offerings. Below are our Hill School Signature Programs:

Academic Breadth and Depth
 At The Hill, our most motivated students take advantage of our seven-period schedule and enjoy both breadth and depth in their liberal arts-centered studies. Read More.
Humanities and Classics Programs | At The Hill, we are committed to extraordinary learning and we honor and value the tenets of a traditional liberal arts education, which includes our exceptional Humanities and Classics programs.

Quadrivium Curriculum | The Quadrivium Curriculum sets a new standard for interdisciplinary studies in science, math, engineering, computer science, and digital arts. Read More.

Exceptional Adviser Program | “My adviser group has become my little family at The Hill.” As The Family Boarding School, The Hill has always strived to maintain an atmosphere which encourages closeness, communication, and understanding. Read More.
A Robust Fine Arts Program | The Hill School offers many opportunities for students to immerse themselves in the performing and visual arts. Read More.
Student Philanthropy Council | The Hill Student Philanthropy Council (SPC) was established in 2008-09 thanks to a generous donation by Mr. Charles Frank III ’59, P ’88, ‘90 and his wife, Betty. The SPC is run by Hill students who solicit and evaluate local nonprofit requests for funding and then award grants each year to those organizations that best meet the criteria of the Council. Read More.
Horizon Fund | The Geoffrey G. Scott ’66 Horizon Fund was established in 2008 to provide grants for summer experiences to a select group of highly motivated, talented Hill students who receive significant financial support to attend The Hill. Read More.
Independent Study | The Hill offers students the option of engaging in both regular and Honors Independent Studies. A regular Independent Study project is a two-term research project undertaken by a student under the formal guidance of a faculty member; an Honors Independent Study project is a year-long intense research project which is undertaken by a student entering the sixth form year under the formal guidance of a faculty member. Read More.
Required Co-Curricular Activity | All Hill School students are required to participate in a co-curricular afternoon activity. In addition to athletics (interscholastic, club, or intramural), students have a wide variety of opportunities in which they can pursue their passions such as theatre tech, community service, Afternoon Arts (studio art, theatre, vocal or instrumental music, robotics, woodworking, or video production/HillTV), debate, and more. Read More.

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