The Hill School- The Family Boarding School

Jerry Day Jr. '37 Squash Center

Squash-Center.jpg Located in the upper level of the David H. Mercer Field House is the Jerry Day Jr.’37 Squash Center, named in honor of Rodney D. Day, Jr., father of former trustee Rodney D. Day III ’58. The Center houses seven glass-backed, international squash courts with paneled walls, manufactured and installed by the World Squash Federation-certified ASB America. The central court is the George P. Bissell, Jr. ’36 Stadium Court, which features a comfortable 50-person spectator area. In recognition of their generous gifts and support of The Hill School, the seven courts were named in honor of Hill individuals and families:
  • The Frank Family Court
  • The William T. Ketcham ’37 Court
  • The Marshal F. Wallach ’61 Court
  • The George P. Caulkins ’39 Court
  • The Gaston Jousson Court
  • The W. Graham Arader III ’68 Court
  • The George P. Bissell, Jr. ’36 Stadium Court

Individual sports have lessons to teach us well about life and success. There’s no team you can rely on. There are times in life when there is no team. You must perform on your own; how you perform is a function of how you prepare, coach, sweat, and train yourself to win. These are important lessons Hill students will get from these squash courts. Marshall F. Wallach ’61

For your convenience the Jerry Day ’37 Squash Center is handicap accessible.

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