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Thirty-five Hill Students Qualify for DECA State Conference

On Monday, Dec 17, 2018, 46 Hill School students participated in the DECA district competition at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in King of Prussia. DECA is a national organization, founded in 1946, that supports business programs in schools nationwide, and in Canada, and in thousands of schools is co-curricular with their business programs. The Hill School joined DECA in 2011 and has had good success at local, state and national levels since then.

This year, 35 Hill School students qualified for the State Career Development Conference, which will be held in Hershey, Pa., from February 20 – 22.

Typical day at a DECA district competition
Every student begins the day at districts with a 100-question test in the general area of their chosen event (Finance, Marketing, Hospitality, etc.). They then move on to a role play event (also called a “case study”) where they have a very short amount of time to prepare a presentation before going in front of a judge. The case study tells them their role (e.g. bank manager), the situation (e.g. improving some aspect of the banks functioning), and the judge’s role (e.g. bank president). They also are given “performance indicators” that they must address in addition to displaying certain 21st century skills. Individuals have only 10 minutes to prepare from the time they see their case study until they go in front of the judge; teams of two had 30 minutes to prepare more complex scenarios. The judges of these events are local business professionals from those specific industries.

The top six in each individual event - and the top four teams - qualify for the State CDC in Hershey. The Hill has 21 qualifiers from individual events (including four first-place finishes and five second-place finishes), and seven qualifying teams (including four first-place finishes). Six students in the individual events also had the highest test score, for which they earned an additional medal (as did three students with the highest role play score).
Similarly, five of the Hill teams had the highest average test score, with three of them also winning the highest role play score. Those three teams, comprising six students, thus won six trophies and 12 medals.

Individual Events
1st place: Jamie Olson in Principles of Marketing (with high test score); Jojo Zhu in Principles of Finance (with high test score); Annie Li in Principles of Hospitality (with high test score); Colin Meng in Quick Serve Restaurant Management (with high role play score)

2nd place: Angela Wang in Principles of Hospitality (with high role play score); Britt Bardman in Retail Merchandising (with high test score); Jonathan Carroll in Accounting Applications (with high test score); Philippe Jin in Principles of Business Management (with high role play score); Max Moore in Hotel and Lodging Management

3rd place: Nari Tong in Apparel and Accessories Marketing (with high test score); Shahzaib Umer in Automotive Services Marketing; Leo Li in Principles of Finance; Mallika Saluja in Principles of Marketing; David Chow in Principles of Business Management

4th place: Bill Wang in Sports and Entertainment Management; Maya Brigandi in Principles of Hospitality; Sriyans Gadde in Restaurant and Food Services Management

5th place: Luisa Slomp in Principles of Finance 

6th place: Jenny Li in Business Finance; Brandon Kim in Food Marketing; William Jiang in Marketing Communications

Team Events
1st place: Antoine Neveu and Gabby Painter in Business Law and Ethics (with high test score and high role play); Samir Khan and Harry Seto in Financial Services (with high test score and high role play); Julia Le and Nisha Mani in Buying and Merchandising (with high test score and high role play); Jae Ahn and Thomas Stone in Marketing Management (with high test score)

2nd place: Megan Mikuen and Clyde Xu in Business Law and Ethics; Riley Schmidt and Peter Tobias in Sports and Entertainment Marketing (with high test score)

4th place: Noorie Dhingra and Taylor Owens in Entrepreneurship


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