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The Hill to welcome sports columnist Dave Kindred
Dave Kindred

If there were a Mount Rushmore for sports writers, Dave Kindred would be on it. Kindred was a protégé and press box compatriot of Red Smith and Shirley Povich, the Washington and Jefferson of the craft, and in 1991, he was given the award named for Smith for producing a body of work virtually without peer. He is generally considered to be the finest newspaper sports columnist of his generation, the best writer in the golden age of newspaper and magazine sports writing.

Kindred will sit down for a conversation with Tony Reid, director of The Hill School Writing Center, on Wednesday, Dec. 9, at 7:15 p.m. in the Memorial Room.

In the world of sports journalism, Kindred has done and seen it all. He has covered the championship game of every major spectator sport – the Super Bowl, the World Series, the Kentucky Derby, the NBA championship, the Stanley Cup, heavyweight championship fights, the Olympic Games, you name it – dozens of times. His columns have graced the pages, most notably, of the Louisville Courier-Journal, the Washington Post, the Atlanta Constitution, Golf Digest, and the National, an ill-fated daily tabloid that was the print equivalent to ESPN.

His work has taken Kindred around the world, once literally, when he and his friend and colleague, Tom Callahan, traveled to 21 countries on four continents to write a book about golf, “Around the World in 18 Holes.” He is the author of nine other books, including “Sound and Fury” a combined biography of Muhammad Ali and Howard Cosell.

Lest you think Kindred’s work is a story of the past, think again. He has just finished writing “Morning Miracle,” a book that chronicles two years of ground-shaking change at the Washington Post. It’s scheduled to be published in the summer of 2010. And he is a director of the National Sports Journalism Center at Indiana University, for which he writes a weekly on-line column that has dealt with, among other topics, Twitter.

Other "Writers at Work" speakers include sports columnist Christine Brennan and obituary editor Adam Bernstein.


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