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Seated Meals in The Dining Room

Sit-down meals maintain the traditions. Chapel sermons, for example, may be inspired in the Dining Room. The Dining Room, where students eat with their teachers and peers, sometimes is a better (classroom) than the classrooms, dormitories, and athletic fields.
Seated meals in the Dining Room place an emphasis on our family setting and reinforce students' manners. During lunch on Monday through Friday and one night a week during the fall and spring terms, the entire school community gathers in the Dining Room for a family-style seated meal. Most students are assigned to new tables each list for seated meals to allow interaction with different people and the formation new friendships.  It is a tradition that all varsity sports teams, as well as theatre and chorus groups currently practicing together, sit together in the Dining Room to further "bond" during their session or season.

Birthdays are celebrated in a unique manner in the Dining Room. The student whose birthday is being marked stands on his or her chair while everyone else at the table stands to sing "Happy Birthday" that student.

Halloween is celebrated on campus as students are encouraged to wear costumes to dinner in the Dining Room in place of the customary academic dress. A parade precedes dinner and prizes are awarded for creative costumes. In addition, students celebrate other holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other special occasions throughout the year. One of the favorite holiday meals celebrated at Hill is the annual Christmas Dinner. Held just before students embark on winter break, students and faculty gather for a special family-style dinner. Laura Kendrick '11 remembers this as her favorite Hill meal because it's "made with love!"


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