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The Hill vs. Lawrenceville Rivalry

The Hill and Lawrenceville maintain the fifth oldest high school sports rivalry in the United States, with the first contest between the schools dating back to 1887. On the second Saturday of each November, the schools meet to renew this athletics rivalry. In the week leading up to the games, The Hill holds a Hill vs. Lawrenceville Spirit Week that includes theme dress days; the “passing of the brooms” among fall varsity captains to signify the hoped-for “sweep” of Lawrenceville; students banging spoons on Dining Room tables prior to singing “Dear Old Hill” before seated lunches; the Red Meat Dinner, the only Friday seated dinner of the year and symbolically tied to the color red, Lawrenceville’s primary color; and a pep rally and bonfire.

Learn more about the unique ways Hill celebrates this beloved tradition:

Dorm banners: Prior to the week of the Hill vs. L'ville game there is a competition during which every hall in each dorm makes banners with catchy phrases and images. During Hill vs. L'ville Week, the banners are hung in the dining room..

"Passing of the Broom" - To signify that The Hill will "sweep" L'ville in all games, during each day of Hill vs. L'ville Week a different team passes a uniquely painted broom to another team. The broom is painted blue and gray (Hill colors) with red paint on the bottom (Lawrenceville's color).

"Spoon banging": During the week leading up to The Hill vs. L'ville athletic contests (Spirit Week), the dining hall is filled with the sounds of spoons being banged on the tables at seated lunches. Led by Hill's choral groups, students and faculty sing "Dear, Old Hill," The Hill School Fight Song, to show their Hill pride! 
"Red Meat Dinner" - A tradition with dual meaning, the Friday night before the game is the only Friday evening sit-down dinner and the only night when steak is served in the dining hall. The students chant, "What do we eat? Red meat!" Lawrenceville's color is red, of course!

Pep Rally and Bonfire- Following dinner, students gather for the pep rally. With music playing and students cheering, fall athletic teams perform skits to entertain the crowd. After the pep rally, students head over to the Dell for the bonfire.''



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