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Leadership Opportunities for Hill School Students

Below are some examples of areas in which our students fill leadership roles:

The Hill School allows and encourages its well-rounded students not only to pursue a variety of interests, but to lead those organizations and endeavors in their fields of interest. In fact, students can start brand new clubs by talking with the Director of Student Activities, writing a proposal, and recruiting a faculty adviser for the club. Whether it's serving as a dormitory prefect or Student Government Association representative, earning a lead role in a School dramatic production or organizing a food drive for a local service organization, students have countless opportunities in which to demonstrate their initiative, creativity, and vision.

Student Government Association

Hill's Student Government Association (SGA) exists so that students may have an effective means of open communication and leadership through which agreements can be reached concerning the harmonious interaction of students and faculty in a community that responds to the needs of all its members.  Members of the SGA include the Assistant Head for Student Life (serving as the association’s adviser) and elected class officers from each form. Visit the SGA website.

Dormitory Prefects

Rising fifth and sixth form Hill students who wish to hold a leadership position within the dormitories may submit an application to become a prefect. Prefects are fifth (junior) and sixth form (senior) students who are elected by the faculty and dorm parents to reside in the underform (third through fifth form) dormitories. A prefect serves as assistant dorm parent and as an older brother or sister to the students on his or her hall, and have the responsibility of keeping order as well as advising and assisting the younger students in dealing with school life. Qualities desired in prefects include sensitivity, self-discipline, maturity, and reliability.

Honor Council

The Hill’s Honor Council includes 11 members, including the Assistant Headmaster for Student Life, serving as an adviser; a faculty chair; two appointed faculty members; and seven elected student leaders (fourth though sixth form only). The Honor Council serves many functions. First, the Honor Council educates and informs the School community about issues relating to the Honor Code, including academic honesty and personal integrity. Second, the Honor Council convenes to hear cases involving honor violations. Third, the Honor Council serves as an advisory board to the Dean’s office.

Music, Theatre, and Student Publications

Similar to the athletics captain, the music ensembles and Ellis Theatre Guild have student leaders who serve as presidents. The presidents of the Orchestra and Jazz Ensemble also serve as a student director of the ensemble. The Chorus, Chamber Choir, and Hilltones and Hilltrebles each have a president who also lead the groups. These positions are elected by their peers. Similarly, The Hill has three student publications: The Record (literary magazine), The Hill News (newspaper), and the Dial (yearbook).

Hill Athletics Association

The Hill Athletics Association (HAA) is comprised of the captains from all varsity teams, plus one elected representative of that year’s group of post-graduate students. The HAA is responsible for serving the student body by directing The Hill vs. Lawrenceville Week spirit activities, the Blood Drive, and The Hill Fitness Challenge. In addition, they approve all “Major H” awards and certify the selection of teams to the Trophy Room.
Meetings are used for leadership training to encourage the sharing of experience and to help captains benefit from the experiences of others. Varsity captains (or co-captains) are chosen by members of the team with guidance and approval of the coaching staff. Captains are expected to understand and model The Hill’s athletic ideals and expectations, and will be required to facilitate the relationship between players and coaches in whatever way their coaches define. They must combine open and candid conversations with an appropriate respect for confidentiality.

The Student Life Association:

The Student Life Association (SLA) is the governing body of both students and faculty that oversees both student activities and campus events at The Hill School. The goal of The SLA is to provide a diverse and enriching residential experience of students and faculty by offering new and exciting opportunities, both on and off campus. The SLA strives to create activities that are offered throughout the school year that appeal to a wide variety of interests. Read more about the SLA
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