The Hill School- The Family Boarding School

The Hill School Business Office Contacts

The Hill School's Business Office is located in the bottom floor (west side) of the Hunt Upper School Dormitory. Please reference the information below when contacting a member of Business Office.
Administrative Assistant
Lori Blackburn
610-326-1000, ext. 1318
Fax: 610-705-1349
MyBackpack Payments, Debit Accounts, and Facility Rentals
Liz Gajewski
610-326-1000, ext. 7325
Fax: 610-705-1761

Tuition Accounts and Student Health Insurance
Dawn Norman
610-326-1000, ext. 7270
Fax: 610-705-1342

Accounts Payable
Debbie Mauger
610-326-1000, ext. 7290
Fax: 610-705-1343

Human Resources Director
Heather Gelting, SPHR
610-326-1000, ext. 7149
Fax: 610-705-1330

Transportation Coordinator
William Conrad
610-326-1000, ext. 1563

Scott Faulkingham
610-326-1000, ext. 7244
Fax: 610-705-1341

CFO and Treasurer
Rick Wood
610-326-1000, ext. 7294
Fax: 610-705-1340

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