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Spritual Life at The Hill

Grounded in the Christian faith of the school’s founders, the Spiritual Life program welcomes diverse religious traditions as it seeks to promote the growth of the soul in all students as individuals, as members of the community, and as citizens of the world.

Hill students are required to attend nondenominational Christian Chapel services twice a week. These are times for the entire community to gather and reflect on others’ beliefs, insights and life-affecting experiences. Any sixth form student may (with the Chaplain’s permission) give a chapel talk, and the School encourages all students to do so during their time at The Hill.

All boarding students are also required, at least once in each list, to attend some form of worship or meditation with other members of the Hill community. Roman Catholic Mass, Episcopal / Lutheran Holy Communion and an evangelical Christian service are offered every week; each list typically also includes Friends’ Meeting for Worship, silent meditation, and visits to the local synagogue and Islamic center. The school encourages students to experience traditions other than their own. There are a variety of voluntary worship opportunities, as well. Morning and evening prayer are said in the Chapel on most school days.

Additional services are offered on major religious occasions: students make the short trip to Congregation Mercy and Truth for the High Holy Days, a sukkah is erected outside the Dining Hall for Sukkoth, and a variety of students and faculty gather for the annual Hill Seder. Faculty arrange for Roman Catholic students to be able to attend Mass on all Holy Days of Obligation. All Souls’ Day, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, and the Blessing of Campus Pets on St. Francis’ Day are all observed in the Chapel. The Hill’s annual Advent candlelight service is held in the Alumni Chapel on a Sunday prior to the winter break, and the Hill frequently hosts the annual Pottstown Community Celebration of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Junior.

Through the Spiritual Life Committee, Hill students sit on the Board of Delegates of the Pottstown Community Cluster of Religious Communities, the interfaith outreach organization, and a number of school fund-raising projects each year direct their proceeds to the Cluster, usually with matching grants from the Chaplain’s Discretionary Fund. Depending on student interest, the Spiritual Life Program also offers a range of religious discussion groups, including the Fellowship of Christians in Universities and Schools (FOCUS), and CHABAD Lubavitch Talmud study. 
For questions about The Hill's Spiritual Life program, contact The Rev. Khristi Adams at

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