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The Hill School's Theatre Program

The Hill School theatre program offers classroom instruction coupled with co-curricular opportunities in play production to provide a well-rounded theatre experience. Classes develop skills in acting, oral communications, and public speaking. Students enter the class with diverse levels of experience; therefore, grading must be highly individualized with each student being assessed on his or her individual development in the class.
Theatre Courses 
Theatre Workshop*
 •  Theatric Performances (Afternoon Arts)
 •  Level 1
 •  Level 2
*Term Classes

Productions are open to all Hill students and are rehearsed in lieu of athletics on a term by term basis. Third formers are limited to one term of theatre while fourth through sixth formers may participate in two terms of theatre in lieu of athletics.

In addition to the benefits normally associated with play production, Hill theatre productions help develop personal communication and leadership skills while providing participants with experiences in creative problem solving and group interaction.

Two major productions are performed each year, a musical in the winter and a non-musical in the spring. In the fall, a Theatre-Dance class (Jazz, Tap, Modern) combined with stage combat is offered. All students may audition for all productions and anyone may take the Theatre-Dance class.

The Ellis Theatre Guild | The Ellis Theatre Guild presents a musical (winter) and non-musical (spring) theatre production each year (a fall play is performed some years as well). View photos of past productions.

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