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"Whatsover Things Are True." More Than 165 Years of Hill traditions

Many Hill School traditions have been passed along through five generations – more than 160 years – of Hill students. Today’s young men and women honor Hill students who came before them both by maintaining School customs and building upon the past as original ideas evolve into time-honored traditions.

Seated Meals in The Dining Room

During lunch on Monday through Friday and one night a week during the fall and spring terms, the entire school community gathers in the Dining Room for a family-style seated meal.
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Chapel at The Hill School

Two times a week, the School holds a required, nondenominational Chapel service.  Hill students and faculty serve as the speakers during these services.  Voluntary services are offered each weekend during the school year.
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The Hill School's Dress Code

The Hill maintains a formal academic dress code that requires boys to wear a coat and tie and girls to wear a blazer and appropriate collared Oxford shirt.
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The Hill vs. Lawrenceville Rivalry

The Hill and Lawrenceville maintain the fifth oldest high school sports rivalry in the United States, with the first contest between the schools dating back to 1887.
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Hill Ties and Scarves

The day before Commencement, all graduating boys receive a Hill School tie and girls receive a Hill School scarf at the Alumni Association Induction Brunch.
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Jumping in The Dell at Commencement

Following the annual Commencement ceremony, most of the new graduates jump in The Dell, the on-campus pond, as a way of officially marking their graduation from The Hill and sharing one final bonding experience with their classmates.
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Playing J-ball

A game unique to The Hill, “javelin ball” or j-ball is similar to baseball but is played with a tennis ball, tennis racquet, and modified rules.
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The Hill School motto: "Whatsoever things are true."

“Whatsoever things are true” is The Hill’s motto, and truth is the School’s highest ideal – truth in the classroom, truth between teacher and student, and truth between the student and his or her peers. 
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The Hill School Sixth Form Blazer

All sixth form students are required to purchase the distinguished navy blue Hill sixth form blazer, which is embellished with a patch bearing The Hill School crest and the student's year of graduation. 
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Women of The Hill Sixth Form Tea

Female faculty members and sixth form girls gather for the Sixth Form Tea on the Sunday prior to graduation.
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