The Hill School- The Family Boarding School

Head Varsity Coaches

Below is a listing of all Hill School head varsity athletics coaches. To view each coach's biography and contact information, please click on the link below (on the individual sport name) or click on the links on the left menu.

Fall Sports:  Winter Sports: Spring Sports:
Boys' Cross Country:
Chris DeLucia 
Seth Eilberg 
Bowen Borgeson 
Girls' Cross Country:
Dan McMains '98
Jen Weissbach
Steve Ciraolo 
Field Hockey:
Jen Weissbach
Chris Bala '97
Beth Allain 
Jeff Hollway
Ari Baum
Ned Ide & Chris Chirieleison '85
Chris Drowne '89
Chanel Erasmus
Mo Gaitan
Laura Wann
Chanel Erasmus
Kristen Walter 
Clarence Oliver
Amy Agnew 
Clarence Oliver 
Doug Jones
Bill Yinger '95
Mark Nelson
Patrick Lake
Patrick Lake  
Dave Hoffman '01

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