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Weekends at The Hill FAQs

Through an intentional and thorough process, The Hill School will change its approach to weekends during the 2018-19 academic year. Beginning in September, Hill will no longer hold classes on Saturday mornings, will modify the Friday evening schedule, and will modestly change the annual calendar to recapture the academic programming time currently available on Saturdays. We firmly believe this new approach will significantly benefit the health and wellness of our students, the quality of our educational program, and our faculty. The basis and underlying research for these changes is shared below through these frequently asked questions and answers, which you may view in this interactive PDF or by clicking on the arrows beneath this image to expand the accordion menu. View a printable PDF.

1. Why did you consider making a change regarding Saturday classes?

2. What happens to those lost class meetings?

3. What peer boarding schools no longer have Saturday classes -- and what have been the results? Which schools still have Saturday classes?

4. What will the schedule look like on a Friday night and a Saturday morning?

5. Are you concerned about a potential impact on admissions?

6. Are you concerned that more students will leave on weekends and that the campus may feel deserted?

7. Are you concerned that incidents of student discipline may increase?

8. What other benefits might be tied to eliminating Saturday classes?

9. Will faculty members have additional weekend responsibility?

10. Is this a permanent change or just a pilot program?

11. What are on-duty faculty expectations in terms of their presence on campus?

12. Are there different expectations for dorm parents?

13. If I am a boarding student, when am I permitted to go home for the weekend?

14. If I am a day student, may I stay with a friend on campus for the weekend?

15. What time is check-in on Friday nights?

16. Are Dining Hall hours still the same?

17. As a student, what am I required to do on Saturday mornings?

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