The Hill School- The Family Boarding School

The Hill School Wellness Center:

The Wellness Center is a 12-bed facility that includes a treatment room and three exam rooms. Our health care team consists of a school physician, two nurse practitioners, registered nurses, medical assistant, school counselors and medical secretaries. Students are not permitted to visit the Wellness Center for non-emergency purposes during an academic class or obligation.
A registered nurse is available on-call to address students’ health needs when the office is closed. Additionally, our medical providers are available to the Wellness Center nurses and students 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We have access to an extensive larger medical community with all medical specialties represented, as well as the use of the nearby Pottstown Memorial Medical Center (PMMC), should the need arise. A comprehensive description of our health policies, procedures and medical services is found in the Student Handbook.

Student Health 101

The Wellness Center has partnered with Student Health 101 this school year to offer our community a monthly online wellness magazine just for Hill School students. Each month, students will receive a brief email with information to help them succeed and a link to the monthly web-based publication on all things health and wellness. They also offer a version of Student Health 101 for parents, called Student Advocate.

Wellness Center Staff:

Medical Director: Steve M. Evans, D.O.

Wellness Center Administrative Director and Nurse Practitioner: Sandra Ryder, MS, CPNP-PC

Associate Director and Nurse Practitioner: Kathleen Van Buren, DNP, CPNP-PC

Registered Nurses: Joanie Frederick, RN; Mary Beth Gleason, RN; Patricia Hagerman, RN; Lynn Himes, RN; Kelsy Stenger, RN; Regina Taddeo, MS RN;
and Kelly High, LPN.
Administrative Assistants: Kelli Schoenly and Merry Rothman
School counselors: Rebecca Smith and Doug Jones

Consulting social worker: Kate Chesshire

Learning Consultant: Rachel Guides

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