The Hill School- The Family Boarding School

Campus Tours and Interviews at The Hill School

The Hill School Admission Office is located in the Meigs HouseThe Hill School invites all prospective students and families to visit our beautiful campus and meet with one of our admission counselors. Campus tours and interviews are offered throughout the year from September 10, 2018 through January 31, 2019.  Please know we are also able to accommodate those families who are unable to visit campus because of distance (Skype interviews).
The Admission Office conducts interviews Monday-Saturday. View a listing of available times or schedule an appointment.  You also may contact Kim Marburger in the Admission Office at
Your Tour and Interview | A student tour guide will walk you around Hill and show you our beautiful campus.  Your tour will include the chance to visit academic classrooms, see the Dining Room, and take a look at a dorm room.  You also will be able to see first hand the strong sense of community our students possess and really get the feel for life at Hill.  It also is a fantastic opportunity for you and your parents to ask questions about the School.  What it's like to be a student at Hill?  How's the food? What do Hill students like to do on the weekends?

Once you return to Meig's House, you will sit down with a member of the Admission Office for your interview.  This is your opportunity to make an impression on our office and give us a sense of who you really are.  Questions may include your academic interests and extra curricular involvement, hobbies that you have, unique travel experiences you've been a part of, or service work in your community.  We want to get to know you as best we can, so questions that involve some self reflection are most valuable to our office.  Following your interview, your parents also will then have a chance to meet with the same Admission Officer, in order to ask any questions they may have.

At this point your visit will end, and we hope that you'll leave with a positive impression of The Hill School, and a strong sense of the wonderful values and traditions that have bonded Hill students since 1851.

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