About Us

About Us

The Hill School has a historic legacy spanning generations. Teachers are devoted, engaged, and masters in their field. However, the uniqueness of our community and our bold approach to teaching and learning set The Hill apart.

The Hill truly lives up to its original name: The Family Boarding School. A close-knit, family environment is the hallmark of our diverse, global community. Daily family-style meals, family night in the dormitories, our traditional dress code, commitment to our students' well-being, the Honor Code, and weekly Chapel meetings are just a few examples of what define and distinguish The Hill’s community. Traits like generosity, curiosity, emotional intelligence, listening, empathy, respectfulness, and kindness are evident in each Hill student.

Rooted in a legacy of liberal arts, our curriculum challenges students with authentic and transformative learning experiences to ensure they are prepared for the next step in their academic journey. In a nurturing yet rigorous environment, our teachers will push you outside of your comfort zone both to explore existing interests more deeply and to discover new passions. At The Hill, education continues outside of the classroom through place-based and experiential learning where students are asked to contemplate and address real-world problems.

The School’s offerings ensure each student finds a place where they belong.  We invite you to browse our website to discover how you will fit into our family.

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The Hill School Mission Statement

The Hill School prepares young people from across the country and around the world for college, careers, and life. Within a family school environment and a rigorous liberal arts curriculum, we challenge our young people to work hard; think and reason; be fulfilled; serve the common good; and be prepared to lead as citizens of the world, uniquely guided by our motto, “Whatsoever Things Are True.”