For Students Entering Grades 6-8 in the 2022-23 School Year
July 11-22 (Monday-Friday)
9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Accelerate your learning this summer in a fast-paced and immersive
STEM experience taught by Hill School instructors!

Students will be assigned to a cohort based on grade level and experience. Each day will include four periods: One for each of the three majors listed below, as well as an activities period focused on games, projects, and movement.


  • Problem defining
  • Brainstorming
  • Technical Sketching and 3D modeling
  • Prototyping and Troubleshooting

Taught by: Dr. Hoda Ehsan, Chair of The Hill School’s Engineering Department


  • 1D and 2D Dimensional Motion
  • Newton’s Law and Energy Conservation
  • Projectile Motion Target Practice
  • Electric Fields, Electric Potential, Magnetic Fields

Taught by: Hill School Instructor of Science Robert Steinman


  • Ratios, Rates, Percentages, and Fractions
  • Proportional Reasoning
  • Linear Equations and Graphing
  • Geometric Explorations and Real-World Application

Taught by: Hill School Instructor of Mathematics Jake Tischler

Students will:

  • Be challenged to think critically, and problem solve collaboratively to gain a deeper understanding of several key concepts.
  • Learn the scientific method, proper measurement techniques, unit analysis and fundamental physics principles.
  • Engage in engineering thinking through a collaborative, user-centered design process.
  • Receive a certificate of completion for an advanced STEM camp.

Cost: $1,600 for two weeks