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"Free Period: The Podcast"

Welcome to Free Period: The Podcast! This is your one-stop-shop for all things Hill - from current events and campus happenings to the stories and narratives that make our school community one-of-a-kind. When our students and staff have a break in their school day it's called a free period. We're hoping this break from the daily grind will be your free period.

Episode 1: Senior Master of Science Mark Nelson P'11 '13

Join Headmaster Zack Lehman as he sits down with Senior Master of Science Mark Nelson to discuss his 40 years at The Hill School. We'll hear how Mark landed the job at Hill; what it was like to date - and later marry - the Dean's daughter; and how a swimmer from Southern Illinois found himself coaching JV baseball! 

Listen to Episode 1 of "Free Period: The Podcast"