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Hill School Songs

"A Thousand Hands" (The Hill School Song)          

A thousand hands have labored long
Mighty visions to fulfill,
To shape a dream, to stablish strong
This our city on The Hill;
In those fair visions we believe
What years have builded we receive,
And ours shall be the charge to leave
Our high honor higher still.

The years go by, and from The Hill
Far apart our fates may fall,
But pledged shall be our friendship still,
Each to each beyond recall;
Each one shall do his single best,
Each one shall stand her single test,
And ever know that there shall rest
Back of each the strength of all.

"Dear Old Hill" (The Hill School Fight Song)               

On the field the Hill team's essaying,
To beat L'Ville by better playing
Though our foes be men of fame,
We know that our team is game.

For they fight to the last minute,
Though they lose or though they win it,
We'll support them as we done before,
As they fight for dear old Hill, (Fight! Fight! Fight!)

Hill, dear old Hill,
We'll always be
Loyal forever,
Ties that will never sever.

Bind us to you
Faithful and true,
To you forevermore,
Old Hill, Dear Old Hill.