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Hill Forum

Founded in 2016 by Aine Chen '17, Daniel Yang '18, and faculty adviser Burton Merriam (Director of the CFTA Emeritus), Hill Forum is a platform for individuals to share their stories, ideas, and visions. It is the TED conference of The Hill School. 

Guided by one theme each year, Hill Forum encourages all students and faculty to reflect and examine our lives. Hill Forum facilitates dialogues, creates connections, and draws us closer to one another. Our topics range from the meaning of identity to social responsibility. Each speaker brings his or her unique perspective and raises awareness on critical issues present in society.

In 2018, the theme for Hill Forum was Beneath the Surface.

Talks were given by the following students. View videos of the 2018 Hill Forum speakers.

  • Damian Walsh '18: "Progressivism and Our Pursuit of the Better"
  • Eric Li '18: "Art and Society"
  • Margaret Pearson '18:"The Bechdel Test: Why Representation for Women Matters"
  • Alice Nguyen '18: "Why stories, not numbers, matter"
  • Ceylin Sener '19: "Alzheimer's: Remember Those Who Forget"
  • Michael Vanelli '19: People's Choice: Why Success Doesn't Come From Considering End Results"
  • Xilin Richard Wang '19: "Let it Go: A Lesson in Life"
Previous Speakers:

2016: Diversity: Esther Ochoa '17Mert Arslanoglu '17Edrees Feda '17Breana McDonald '16 

2017: Change that Matters Cathy Wang '17, Ryan Soriano '17, Daniel Yang '18, Barry Wang '20, Eva Wu '20

Interested in speaking?

Hill Forum 2018-19 Curators: Eva Wu ’20 and Barry Wang ’20 

Hill Forum Faculty Advisers: 
Len Miller lmiller@thehill.org
Chris McGriff cmcgriff@thehill.org