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Hill Celebrates the Opening of the 172nd School Year

On Monday, September 5, students and faculty gathered 172nd school year during the traditional Convocation ceremony. This year also marks the 25th year of coeducation at The Hill. In the fall of 1998, the School welcomed 89 female students for the first time in its 147-year history. This year, we welcome a total of 545 students from 29 states and 25 countries, including 182 new students. View more photos and a link to view the ceremony below.

The ceremony kicked off with an energetic performance of "I See Stars" from Mean Girls on Broadway performed by our Theatre Bootcamp students, followed by an invocation offered by The Rev. Khristi Adams, Hill Dean of Spiritual Life and Equity and Chaplain.

SGA Co-Presidents Stefanie Li '23 and Jesse Corser-James '23 addressed their peers and offered advice to their fellow sixth formers and new students, encouraging them to "take hold of new opportunities" and to "take risks and work hard." 

"Hill is our home and we strive to make it better every day," they noted. "We are one community. Each one of you has an opportunity to do something great."

After the Hilltones and Hilltrebles led the audience in the singing of "The Hill School Fight Song," Head of School Zack Lehman P'16 '18 took to the podium for his opening-of-school remarks. He began by highlighting faculty milestones and promotions and welcoming new hires. Twenty-one educators joined the faculty for the 2022-23 academic year. These individuals bring a diverse wealth of experience to their respective roles as teachers, dorm parents, coaches, counselors, and mentors.  Read more about the newest members of The Hill School community.

In keeping with tradition, Mr. Lehman shared a parody video playing off the popular films, Top Gun and Maverick, drawing from key elements to offer some life lessons to Hill students. 

Learn from your mistakes: “None of us are perfect. But it’s what we do with those mistakes that define our character.”

Go back and help others who are struggling. "There will be times in your life here at Hill when you're hitting your groove and are well ahead of your friends and classmates. If you find yourself ahead of the pack, pause for a moment and look behind to see if you can help."

Let go of the past. "Every new school year is a chance to reinvent yourself and put your past where it belongs - in the past. Learn from your mistakes, but don't let anything that happened in your past prevent you from living your very best life in the present here at The Hill."

Don't quit. "There will be times when things get so difficult at Hill that you may want to quit. Think about what is most important to you. Rely on your friends, mentors, and family. Continue on and don't quit."

It's okay to be a maverick. "While we, of course, expect you to comply with our agreed-upon community expectations here at Hill, we also want you to develop your own style, your own high standards, and your own passions."

Never leave your wingman. "Mutual trust must be earned by doing right by your friends, classmates, teachers, and community every time, not just when it's convenient or when people are watching."

The Hilltones and Hilltrebles returned to the stage to lead the community in singing Hill's alma mater, "A Thousand Hands." Following Convocation, students and faculty enjoyed dinner with their advisory groups and dessert with their dormmates.

View a recording of the entire Convocation ceremony here.