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2024 Spring Student-Athlete Awards Announced

Congratulations to the following Hill School student-athletes who were chosen by their coaches and teammates as the special award winners for the 2024 spring athletics season.


JOHN KIERAN PRIZE: For improvement, excellence, sportsmanship, and team play in Junior Varsity Baseball. Troy A. Wright '25
ROBBINS BASEBALL TROPHY: For best pitching performance. Derek D. Boyd '24
SAMUEL T. NICHOLSON CUP: To that member of The Hill School Baseball Team who best exemplifies the spirit of true sportsmanship and team play. Daniel H. Palmieri '25
DR. JAMES K. FINN BATTING AWARD: For Hitting Excellence. Derek D. Boyd '24


THE HILL SCHOOL BOAT CLUB (HSBC) BLUE AND GRAY AWARD: This award is given to that oarsman or oarswoman who best embodies the spirit of the HSBC through hard work, dedication, self-improvement, and constant desire for the betterment of the team.
Girls': Paige C. Barnhart '25 | Boys': Michael T. Rapp III '24
THE NOVICE AWARD: The Novice Award is given to that oarsman or oarswoman in their novice season who made the greatest contribution to the team. 
Girls': Sophia Cox '27 | Boys': Brian M. Stone '27
THE NOVICE SPIRIT AWARD: Presented to the oarsman or oarswoman who rowed in the novice or JV boats and made an exemplary contribution towards the improvement of themselves and their boatmates.
Girls': Stella Wu '27 and Ariana Pearson '24 | Boys': Henry Krafczek '27 

Boys' Golf

MICHAEL J. SMITH AWARD: For the greatest interest in golf. Quin Zuegner '27
JACK MUNGER MEMORIAL CUP: Awarded annually to that member of the Golf Team who has contributed the most to the team. Marcus A. Smith '24

Girls' Golf 

MOST VALUABLE PLAYER: Awarded to the player whose outstanding play and leadership did the most to assure team success.  Her contribution to the team includes her performance in competitive matches, but also includes her support of her teammates. Coco Li '25
SPIRIT OF THE HILL: Awarded to the golfer whose consistent approach to practice and matches demonstrated a love of the game and a commitment to the team. In all those ways she represents Michael Sweeney’s vision of Hill Athletics as a means to educate “the complete man, and the complete woman”. Audrey D. Choi '24

Boys' Lacrosse 

JOLLY GREEN GIANT DEFENSEMAN AWARD: Presented to the outstanding member of the defensive unit. Given by the Jolly Green Giants of the 1967 team. Mason Moore '24 
JOB PRICE AWARD FOR IMPROVEMENT: “It is the deed, not the reward.” Henry J. Lord '25  
TEAM OF 1962 LACROSSE CUP: Presented to that member of the Varsity Lacrosse Team who through his outstanding play and aggressive spirit provided the team with a source of inspiration and optimism. Cliff W. Chapman III '24 
RALPH “RIP” T. DAVY, III ’75 MOST VALUABLE PLAYER BOYS’ VARSITY LACROSSE AWARD: The award shall be given to the most valuable Hill boys’ player of The Hill/Lawrenceville lacrosse game during the spring season annually, as determined by the School’s coaches and the Athletics Department.  This boys’ player must display, in the judgment of the School’s coaching staff, superior effort and team spirit through the game. Noah Macielag '24

Girls' Lacrosse 

MOST DISTINGUISHED PLAYER AWARD: Awarded to the player who demonstrated the highest level of skill, determination, and leadership to the Hill Girls' Lacrosse Program. Megan N. MacMurray '24 
THE BLUE AND GRAY AWARD: Awarded to the player, chosen by her teammates, who demonstrated the highest level of dedication, perseverance, and leadership to the Hill Girls' Lacrosse Program. Mary Kate Barnhart '24 


THE HILL SCHOOL SOFTBALL AWARD: Given to that member of the varsity who, through her excellent play, leadership, and sportsmanship, made the outstanding contribution to Hill Softball. Isabella K. DiCampello '24 
THE SOFTBALL PLAYERS’ PLAYER AWARD: Awarded by her teammates to the varsity player who distinguished herself for her selfless dedication and team spirit. Anika R. Palmer '24 

Boys' Tennis 

FRANK B. BENDER MEMORIAL TROPHY: Awarded annually to the tennis champion of The Hill School. James K. Gong '26
BEST EFFORT AWARD: This award is given to the player who, in the estimation of his peers, demonstrated the most dedication, tenacity, and heart in practices and matches throughout the season. Anders K. Mortenson '24
MOST VALUABLE PLAYER: This award is given to the player who, in the estimation of the coach, was essential to the success of the team because of his sportsmanship, commitment, and leadership throughout the season. Chase S. Gerloff '27

Outdoor Track and Field
CAPTAIN’S CUP: For best general progress in track. Girls’: Reese W. Richardson '25 | Boys’: Price H. Savage '24

HENRY J. COLBATH MEMORIAL CUP: For high sportsmanship, superior effort, and outstanding accomplishment.
Girls’: Brie Ditty '24 | Boys’: Trevon Foster '26

JAMES STACK ’57 AWARD: Presented annually to the male/female track athlete who best exemplifies the values and character traits which Jim Stack displayed during his Hill years.  At the Hill, Jim was captain of the basketball team and a key member of the track team of 1957.  He was consistently an outstanding middle-distance runner at Hill and went on to be Captain of the Yale track team of 1961, a team that dominated the Ivy League in those years.  His natural skills, intelligence, commitment, work ethic, competitiveness, sense of camaraderie, friendship, and humor made him a natural team leader and valuable teammate.
Girls’: Harper M. Latham '26 | Boys’: Nicholas Bressi '24

OVERTON AWARD: Given in honor of John Williams Overton ’13, this prize is given to the athlete(s) who score the most points for the track team over the course of the season.  The founder intended the award as an incentive for all Hill students to follow the example of Johnny Overton, “not for the prize itself, but for the moral and physical strength which clean athletics personifies and imparts.”
Girls’: Lola A. Palmer '25 | Boys’: Trevon Foster '26